4 Pin XLR Heavy Duty 8' Power Cable

The 4PX-HP8 is a 12-30 VDC heavy duty 4 pin/2 conductor XLR power cable - 16 gauge wire - 8 foot length

This cable extends the length or serves as the main power cable for sources with a female 4-Pin XLR connector to equipment with a male 4-pin XLR connector. Resistant to oil, moisture and abrasion for harsh field use in demanding situations. ie large format/aerial photography, military, racing etc.

Cable: Neoprene SJOW portable power cord
Gauge/Conductors: 16/2
Connectors: male gold 4-pin XLR to female gold 4-pin XLR
- pin 1: active ( typical negative - )
- pin 2: not connected
- pin 3: not connected
- pin 4: active ( typical positive + )
Length: 8 feet (244 cm)
Rated 13 amps

Compatible Equipment:
Cameras: Arriflex, Blackmagic, Panasonic, Panavision, Red, Sony - Audio: HyperDeck, UltraStudio, Pro/3D - Video/Monitors: SmartView Duo/HD, SmartScope Duo 4K, ATEM Studio Converter/Television Studio Production Switcher

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